Truxton University is a private academic institution dedicated to preparing students for success in the global professional community by fostering intellectual, social, professional, and personal growth.

To achieve this mission, Truxton University offers a comprehensive, selective, and focused curriculum at a master’s level. Our diverse core curriculum challenges students to think critically, develop strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and develop an interest in life-long learning.

Truxton University is devoted to providing students with intellectual acumen and the pragmatic approach necessary to create a foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. Truxton University values learning, professionalism, contribution, and commitment to the advancement of the community.

Truxton University believes that students should have access to the privilege that formal academic education provides, and welcome everyone who seeks academic challenges and fulfillment.

Acknowledgement/ Appreciation
Truxton University thrives to be recognized as a leading online institution for the MBA program.

Achievement/ Accomplishment
Truxton University aims to have a large alumnus of successful businesspeople who will proudly represent our university.

High Standards
Truxton University ensures that all curriculum, professors, course materials, and systems are to the highest standards in the industry. We thrive to give our students the highest standard of learning possible.

Competence/ Expertise
All members of Truxton University will be highly trained, educated and competent and experienced at their duties. The expertise of our team members will reflect on the success of our students.

Ethical Workplace
Truxton University is a safe place for all staff and students. Everyone will be welcomed regardless of personal characteristics, including but not limited to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sex, beliefs, appearance, ethnicity, etc.